How to learn python | Totorials AND Books

Python programming

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It is known for it’s simple syntax that is easy to read and understand. Nowadays craze for this programming language has increased a lot for multipurpose usages for it in data science & data visualization, data mining, multi platform software development, web development and the machine learning field. So that not only programmers or developers want to learn python but also scientists, accountants, statisticians want to learn python.

Nowadays there are many ways available that can help you to learn python. Some of those are absolutely free!

The YouTube

There are thousands of free video tutorials available on youtube that can help you to learn Python. You will find courses from basic to advanced level there. is one of the most popular learning platforms. There is a complete tutorial on python. That is very easy to understand with examples and code reference. There is also a cloud IDE. By using this you can try python code online of your own.


There are also many good books available that also can help you to learn python. Here is a list of some good books that can smoothen your learning journey:

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